What is the Clunes Village Common?

The Clunes Village Common is the site of the old Public School in Clunes. It is shown on the map as 112 DP859126 or 17 Walker Street Clunes comprising 6404 sq m or about 1.5 acres.

In later years the old school building at nearby Federal was transported to the Clunes Village and joined the Old Clunes primary school building. It is known as the Federal Building and stands facing the road.

  • In 2016/2017 a stage has been added for the benefit of the Clunes community.
  • For free use of the community is a playground, half size basketball court, BBQ and picnic facilities available
  • Available for hire are 6 rooms (plus a communal kitchen) the rooms are let out individually. Some are permanently let to raise money to maintain the buildings and grounds and some are available on a casual basis for meetings, presentations exercise classes etc.

Who owns the Village Common?

On 9 April, 1998 Lismore City Council (LCC) purchased the site from the Department of Education

Who manages the Clunes Village Common?

The Clunes Old School Association Incorporated (COSA), manages the site for Lismore City Council.

Who is responsible for the upkeep of the Clunes Village Common?

COSA, which leases the site from the LCC, is responsible for the upkeep and making improvements to the site. COSA operates in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in the Lease it has with LCC. In 2017 the lease was extended for another 5 years.

What is the Clunes Old School Association?

The Clunes Old School Association Incorporated (COSA Inc.) is a community based committee set up to manage the property known as the Clunes Village Common and the associated old school buildings on behalf of Lismore City Council. COSA oversees all activity of the site adhering to the following objectives.

COSA Objectives

  1. Preserve, maintain and develop the Clunes Village Common for the use of the Clunes community.
  2. Preserve the heritage character of the site as well as maintain the natural environment.
  3. Provide facilities and a sense of community for the benefit of the Clunes community.
  4. Encourage all sections of the Clunes community to participate in the activities taking place on the Common and in the management of the Association, including young people, aged people, people with disabilities and other groups.
  5. Adopt and practise high managerial standards in administering the site and its buildings whilst remaining self-funding.
  6. Undertake social, cultural and recreational activities which directly and indirectly benefit the Clunes community.

Membership of COSA

  1. Membership of the Clunes Old School Association Inc is open to individuals and families residing in and around the village of Clunes.
  2. Individuals and families seeking to join the Association must apply according to the Rules of the Association. The Secretary keeps a record of members and their email addresses and updates it each year.
  3. Membership fees for the Association are $5.50 per person and $11 per family.
  4. If you are interested in helping maintain and develop this community asset, join COSA . (send us a message though ‘Contact Us’ Tab)

COSA Policies

  1. The Association meets every three months to conduct an ordinary meeting to oversee the management of the site.
  2. Special Meetings may be called by the Executive to deal with a specific issue, providing one week’s notice is given to committee members.
  3. The Annual general meeting of the Association will be held on the third Tuesday in November each year.