Taking the Clunes Old School into the 21st Century


At it’s November 2017 meeting the COSA committee unanimously decided to install aphotovoltaic (PV) energy system onto the roof of the main building. This was able to come about because we had heard from our local energy retailer ENOVA, that it was possible for non-profit organisations to get an interest free loan for renewable energy systems. Enquiries about this were made & we were introduced to a non-profit group called CORENA (Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia Inc.). This excellent organisation raises funds by crowdfunding online for renewable energy projects for non-profit organisations such as COSA.
CORENA were able to raise the required funds very quickly, a lot quicker than any of us thought & in January our PV system was installed by the Lismore company (PRESA) Precept Renewable Energy Services Australia. The system is 4.875Kw using 15 x 325w Suntech panels each with an Enphase microinverter allowing online access to check performance. COSA currently has four tenants with a fifth one likely to start up this month & approximately 90% of the electricity we use is in the daytime. Hence with an uninterrupted north facing PV system almost all of our energy will be coming from the sun with any excess going back to ENOVA to supply others with clean energy. As well any night time power will come from ENOVA, our local 100% renewable energy retailer.

I would highly recommend all north coast residents, businesses & not for profits interested in doing what we have done switch to ENOVA (enovaenergy.com.au) & take a look at CORENA (corenafund.org.au).

– Jim Edwards

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